Board Members

Pamusa’s Management

Pamusa’s operation and day-to-day operation is headed by its President and Chief Executive Officer (show photo) Francisco “Frank” Wenceslao; Vice President Herbert Wenceslao; and Director and Treasurer Anna Maria Cavanias.

They are assisted by a Board of Directors with a rotation of advisers and consultants composed of retired Filipino Americans who served the United States almost throughout their adult life as consultants to the IMF-World Bank, UNDP, USAID, and other foreign aid agencies. They were engaged in developing the poor nations’ economies to hasten their growth, job creation, and keep in step with population increase.

They found out regrettably that corruption is the main cause of poverty because the resources that otherwise could’ve been used for economic development and social amelioration are stolen by current and former government officials, their close associates and family members, with private businessmen and individuals that colluded with them and together enriched themselves from the proceeds of corruption.